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Here at BORN North America, we're based out of Vancouver BC and we're very proud of the achievements of some of our talented local riders, over the last few years, we had the pleasure of helping out and watching Ben Katerberg excel to the point of signing his first pro contract. We were even more excited when Team Sunweb took Ben on after seeing his double Junior National Championship wins in 2018 for the Road Race and Time Trial. 

Ben, after Canadian Junior Nationals with Richard Wooles

We're still excited to see how he progresses these next few years as a promising U23 rider, especially since he's riding for such a great development program like Team Sunweb's. We got the opportunity to ask Ben some questions about the first few months on a big pro team, keep reading to find out a bit more about how a rider from small-town Canada is making the transition to the Pros.

Hi Ben, first: congratulations on making the jump to the pro development squad! We've known about you here at BORN North America for a while now and we loved watching you excel through the junior ranks here in North America and take the Canadian Road Race and Time Trial National Championship titles in 2018. But we want to know about your journey to Europe with Sunweb! When you signed with the team, what were your first thoughts?

It was already huge just talking with the team, but when the conversation shifted to contacts, my jaw dropped.  It took at few minutes to digest the to reality and scale of what was just discussed.  
From Courtenay BC (Courtenay is midway up Vancouver Island just off the Pacific Coast of British Columbia, Canada) to Sittard Netherlands, must have been a big change, what's been the biggest challenge for you in adjusting to living and training in a completely new environment? 

Adjusting to a completely new environment can be tough, but Sunweb has made the path very smooth. If I have to think this hard to even find the smallest challenge, that says a lot... But to give an answer to the question, I would say living away from family.  However with video calls, and many new friends, I have been managing quite alright ;)  

What's it like going to a team the size of Sunweb? We count 54 riders between the Women's, Men's and development squads, have you been on a training camp with the team yet? Where did you go, what was your favorite part?

It is amazing being apart of a team with such diversity! Meeting so many people from all different parts of the world is quite special. With the recent training camps in Calpe, Spain, the groups were sometimes mixed with WT Women, WT Guys and the Devos we were able to get to know everyone a bit more. This would have to be one of my favorite parts!

We know you just raced the Porec Trophy on Saturday (March 9th), was this your first race with the squad? How did the race go, did you have any specific goals or duties to work on?

Racing with Sunweb for the first time was really great!  Race with such specific individual and team goals made it a great learning opportunity. Being surrounded by the other guys on the team already riding on a very high level, it really help me to make the first step. 

Maybe the most important thing we'll ask you, and we know you have a certain love for coffee, what's your favourite cafe on your training routes in Sittard?

I really enjoy Fixed Gear coffee! A great cycling friendly spot to end long rides with my mates :)

Knowing that you are the current National Junior TT Champion, have you been training on the TT bike? Do you have any targets we can look forward to following you this year for the TT?

Yeah, I have been recently trying out the new Cervelo Spaceship - Unreal bike, especially with such a great fit!  I always set my sights high, so we will see what comes from my form this year.

What's the next race on the calendar for you?

An unreal calendar this year! A great range from spring classic, all the way to climbing stage races - Watch the Sunweb website for lineup announcements ;P 

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