Caffeine and Endurance Sports

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So what’s the deal with Caffeine?

We’re willing to bet that you’ve had a coffee today. It’s likely that you’re reading this with a coffee in your hands (or on your mind) during your workday, commute, or pre/post-ride!

Don’t get us wrong, we love the flavour, taste and culture of coffee, but we aren’t afraid to admit, we’re also drinking the morning cup (or two) of coffee so we can pull ourselves out of bed and focus throughout our day.

Caffeine is a widely studied supplement, whether its coming in the form of coffee or a sports-specific nutritional supplement. But don’t just take our word for it, Heatlhline has a great article on the benefits of caffeine and exercise, citing the same kinds of science-based studies that informed BORN when developing CAFFEINE LIQUID.

The benefits of caffeine for exercise and endurance athletes include the same benefits you’re seeking when you brew that morning cup: increased mental alertness, mood and focus. These benefits can be crucial aspects in the fast paced environment of bike racing.

Aside from the apparent mental and psychological advantages of caffeine, studies have proven benefits for Caffeine in endurance athletes, even cyclists specifically, showing increased workloads of up to 7%. If you’re looking for a number relative to yourself and you train with a power meter multiply your FTP by 1.07 and see the possible gains of caffeine during endurance sports (quick math - add 7w for every 100w of FTP. Not bad!).

For intensity based workouts, there are also benefits linked to caffeine. With high intensity workloads the mental alertness, mood and focus is still apparent in all athletes, but performance gains were more noticeable in trained athletes over high-intensity efforts.

One more factor for athletes is the link between weight loss and caffeine. For most endurance sports, the benefits of weight loss are clear, in cycling the power to weight ratio is a large factor when the road your on points uphill. To be clear, the best method to achieve weight loss is through exercise and monitoring your diet accordingly to the amount of calories burned, but caffeine has been shown to signal the body to break down fat, meaning it can help burn fat as fuel during your exercise.

Okay, the benefits of caffeine supplements are pretty clear, but BORN’s CAFFEINE LIQUID is specially suited to cycling and endurance sports. On top of including B-Complex vitamins, the secret to our product is it’s liquid state. Just like our Gels, CAFFEINE LIQUID was developed with the help of Team Sunweb for performance, ease of use and fast absorption. 80mg of caffeine contained in just one 25ml tube means you’re not struggling with a full sized drink, or suffering the delay of caffeine-pills because of CAFFEINE LIQUID’s easy on the stomach, liquid form.

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