Escape Velocity Spring Series 2019

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Racing in Vancouver BC, Canada is about to get shifted into gear for 2019 with the start of Escape Velocity's Spring Series. We're excited to be sponsors of Escape Velocity, their Devo program and the Spring Series races, but we're also veterans of racing in our colder, early season races. Here's a rundown on our favourite products for our classic Spring races.

Before racing starts there's always a few things to make sure you check off. We like to start with NO FRICTION cream. NO FRICTION is our anti-chafing, softening cream, in cycling thats, Chamois Cream! We always like to make sure we start with applying NO FRICTION not only to soothe irritation from some of our first long hard efforts in our early races, but it's crucial to apply NO FRICTION as a chamois cream before using our next spring classic.

WARM UP is our next must have for cold, potentially wet racing. Embrocation and cycling has been together as far back as we can figure, our stimulating warming cream helps invigorate blood flow in your muscles, as well as provide a warming sensation as you get to the start line.

Our last recommendation for pre-race skincare is PROTECT EXTRA. PROTECT EXTRA is a body oil to protect exposed arms and legs during exercise. PROTECT EXTRA is a second layer, shedding water and insulating vulnerable skin and muscles. PROTECT EXTRA also offers a mild warming agent for the extra protection you need in cold and wet weather.

During your race there's two things you need to worry about most: Hydration and Fuel replacement. To replace essential electrolytes and minerals we usually pop a WATTS AND MINERALS into our bottles. Packed with sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium and magnesium it's the full spectrum of minerals essential to sports performance. It's also, just that easy, putting a tablet into your bottle couldn't keep it simpler for such a complex sports drink.

SUPER LIQUID GELS (Cherry & Caffeine, Apple, Citrus) aren't just for Spring racing though. Essential to any endurance activity is being properly fuelled with the carbohydrate you're burning though. SUPER LIQUID GELS just make it easy on you to replace carbohydrate in an easy to take, literally liquid, refreshing gel. Knowing that you don't need to gum through a paste in the middle of hard racing is a sign of relief on cold Spring mornings.

And for the end of your race, we have our secret weapon, FINAL gels. The same great, easy to take and quick to digest liquid form as SUPER LIQUID GELS with a bit higher calorie content plus caffeine and Magnesium. Caffeine to keep you alert and motivated to the line, Magnesium crucial to help prevent muscle cramping. 

Now the hard part is done, but there's still important work to do. Fitting in some high quality protein post ride is simple with RECOVERY+. With PeptoPro protein for quick absorption and fast recovery from your effort. 

One of our best kept secrets as veterans of the Spring Series is actually not even for during the race, WASH LOTION is our favourite product to feel new again post race. Applied to a facecloth WASH LOTION becomes a waterless shower wherever your race ends. Pretty handy to feel nice on the drive back to Vancouver from our Spring racing venues.

Our last Spring-Pro-Tip is actually something we already recommended! WATTS AND MINERALS isn't just for on the bike. It's not a bad idea to have another bottle of electrolyte replacement post race, whether it's after RECOVERY+ or a little later in the evening, just to make sure your body has replaced the minerals it depleted during your race. 


We're so excited about our Spring Racing that we're offering up our favourite (and a few extra) Spring products at 25% off until April 19, 2019!

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