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Fluevog’s Crit Nasty is a team unlike any other that we know of. To start things off, this year emblazoned across the chest of their kits is Fluevog’s motto ‘No, You’re Weird’

Now, we don’t really think the Crit Nasty Girls are all that weird. They have their eccentricities, who doesn’t? We also don’t think it’s weird that a couple friends banded together to make their own cycling team, run by women, for women to do the kind of racing they want to do. Cycling is a sport, industry and culture largely dominated by coverage and marketing of males, it’s great to see strong women taking some of their sport back.

Vancouver’s Crit Nasty has been making waves in cycling in the PNW since they hit the scene three years ago. In their first year, announcers at races were split between feeling squeamish saying Nasty over the loudspeaker and being genuinely excited for the chance to say Nasty into the microphone.

Today most pundits of the PNW cycling scene are familiar with Crit Nasty as strong, aggressive but smart racers who aren’t afraid to bang bars with the bigger teams during BC Superweek, ToAD (Tour of America’s Dairyland) or any other crits the team gets themselves to. They’ve also been known to tour the velodromes that Cascadia offers up. Whatever races they end up at, we’re actually pretty certain podium announcers now are most excited when they get to talk about their podium shoes. 

Technically, they’re playing within the rules of Sponsor-Correct podium attire, since the last two years the team has been Fluevogs Crit Nasty, meaning, on podiums they’re wearing high end, classy, fashionable shoes and boots sought after worldwide by the rich and famous type.

Jenn Gerth has been the guiding-North Star to this team of (local) celebrity-status criterium-starlets. She’s led herself and her friends in having a team that competes, has more fun than most, watches each others backs and doesn’t give a flip about what everyone else thinks. That attitude must be related to taking up Fluevogs motto on their jersey design this year, and we’re certain they’re going to keep doing things their way. 

This year is a first for Jen though, she’s taken out a Masters race license with some very specific goals in mind. We watched her tick one of those goals off the first weekend of June in Victoria BC as she claimed a National Title in the Criterium her first go. Her first go, is literally her first time competing for a National Title in cycling. She’s off to a good win-loss ratio after one event. The next big ticket item? Jen’s heading back to the velodrome with Manchester in mind for Master’s track worlds. Jen’s not inexperienced on the track either, having travelled to Japan racing track before with fellow Crit Nasty teammate Claire Cameron. 

Our favourite thing about Crit Nasty besides their racing style, is never really knowing that they’re going to throw at us. Their first year with bright, colourful kits - to Fluevog coming on board as their title sponsor. And just this last week dropping the announcement of very special Fluevog-Garneau collaboration shoe, this time intended for the bike over the podium. Yes, it’s got that signature flair. Yes, it matches their Fluevog-designed red-floral jerseys. And no, it’s not the first Fluevogs that match their one of their jerseys (there’s several Fluevogs that smartly match several different kits when they stand on the podium). 

All we really know about Crit Nasty is that we can’t get enough of those weirdos. We can’t wait to watch them in their home field: BC Superweek’s Gastown Grandprix where they hit the neighbourhoods famous cobbled course up Water Street, which features Vancouver’s flagship Fluevog store. We’re hoping they throw another post-race party this year and we can make the RSVP guestlist, scope out their new kicks and chat with the girls about how their races went.

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