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We just wrapped up first inauguration of the Tour of Washington. The Evergreen State’s combination of three classic Pacific Northwest stage races put a new spin on tried and true weekend races to encourage more participation, nuanced tactics and longer (more fun and developed!) rivalries between competitors.

We offered our nutrition tips for stage racing before our first event of the series at the Tour of Walla Walla. We can sum it up by saying ‘EAT EAT EAT’. But now that our Master’s squad conquered the overall GC of the Tour of Washington, they’re razor-focused on the Masters Canadian National Championships in Victoria, BC taking place June 7-9.

Masters Nationals is one of the biggest goals of the year for our squad. Our Elite riders will go to the island to support the team in the feedzone, play the role of mechanic and offer moral support. Nutritionally, Nationals, is pretty similar to stage racing. With a TT, Road Race and Criterium you want to make sure you’re getting the calories you need for the energy to perform. So while our advice for a weekend of racing like Nationals is still to eat, eat, eat, a special race like National Championships still demands special attention.

With that in mind, we’re suggesting some of our favourite specialty items to consider if you’re heading to a National Championship, or any other major goal of the year.

We touched on CAFFEINE LIQUID in our Walla Walla article, as the perfect stage race accompaniment to keep you alert when fatigued. Even if you’re only targeting one race in your Championship weekend, the extra motivation and sharpness CAFFEINE LIQUID can provide will help you dig deep during intense event like the Criterium or Time Trial.

Time Trials are designed to be brutal. No matter which way you stack it, if you’ve done your effort ‘correctly’ on your TT, the last minutes should be completely emptying your reserves. It’s hard not to cramp up completely on maximum efforts, especially if the heat comes into play, but MAGNESIUM LIQUID is designed to provide some relief. One of our elite riders wrote an article on his experience trying out MAGNESIUM LIQUID last month.

Magnesium isn’t the only mineral related to performance. Whenever we sweat, we excrete electrolytes. Electrolytes play a crucial role in maintaining the water balance in your muscles, which helps to ensure continued correct muscle function. WATTS AND MINERALS is complex electrolyte replacement that helps make sure your efforts have the support they need. WATTS AND MINERALS is a great product for electrolyte replacement because it gives you the option to buffer your electrolyte stores without taking on the extra calories of many sports drinks. With that in mind, for longer events it’s also a good idea to add calories to your bottles as you need them, like during the road race.

Our final specialized approach to important events is well, the FINAL Liquid Gel. FINAL is pretty much an all in one knockout. With the calories of a gel to fuel your effort but also packed with added caffeine and magnesium. We’ve already told you what we think about caffeine keeping you alert and magnesium in the fight against cramping. We don’t want to say that a FINAL does it all, but... it does? A FINAL Liquid Gel is just as at home in the closing hour of a road race, as it is before a Crit or Time Trial.

We’re not really certain we should be giving away our nutritional secrets, but we're always stoked to see the level of competition rise in our scene. We can't wait to see the rest of Canada's top Masters athletes in Victoria!

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