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Langlois Brown Racing has a few goals this year. We’re excited for the newly formed Tour of Washington Stage Race Series to target a win in the overall standings. Performing at a Stage Races from local level races to The Tour can be hugely impacted by the kinds of nutrition choices you make during your races. The biggest mistake of them all, is just not eating, so, EAT!

The first stage race of the series is the Tour of Walla Walla. A favourite of the team, featuring four great stages, making it one of the longer Stage Races we get to do. The first day has a road stage and time trial, the next day a hard technical 90 minute criterium. The last day a hard 145km exposed road circuit. The weekend quickly stacks up to be ~320km of racing.

People will make their biggest mistake, not eating, on the first day of racing. Have you ever looked at your bike computer after ride to tell your mates ‘I burned 2000 calories today!’. If you don’t replace that fuel before going into your next ride, your GC time will suffer. Here’s our favourite way to make sure we have enough energy to be at the front on the last day:

  • Calories in your bottles
    • Having something like ISO PRO in your bottles means that you’ll get 200 calories for every bottle you drink. You’ll be fueling without even thinking about it. Bonus! Electrolytes baked into your fuel.
  • A SUPER LIQUID GEL every 45 minutes.
    • This is a habit for every race we do. Making it a regular habit means you won’t have to think twice about if you’ve had enough calories to cover what you’re spending on the bike. 45 minutes is a great guide, but you may need to increase it to every 30 minutes if you’re riding extra hard, or just burn more calories than others.
  • A RECOVERY+ Bottle ready post race.
    • When you finish racing, you’re going to want to drink more water. By adding RECOVERY+ you’re adding in Carbs and easy to process PeptoPro protein. We all know we are going to eat a huge (healthy!) meal in the evening after racing, but getting started refuelling and rebuilding as soon as you can is important!
  • Our Bonus Tip: CAFFEINE LIQUID
    • It's not calories, but by the third day (or even the second!) sometimes a little mental kick is well warranted. BORN's CAFFEINE LIQUID is perfect right before the Criterium, the start of your last day's Road Stage, or even halfway through if you just need to keep youself alert among tired riders.

Our ‘secrets’ are actually pretty straightforward, it’s just eating in convenient ways, to ensure that we are actually eating!

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