Magnesium: Secret Weapon in Preventing Cramping

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There was a time when I had no idea that Magnesium was something the human body needed, I only remembered Magnesium as something that my high school science teacher lit on fire, warning us not to stare directly at as it burned quickly and brightly, extinguishing itself almost as fast as it ignited.

I wouldn’t find out what Magnesium means for sports until years later at the Burnaby Velodrome Club while doing standing start workouts on my track bike. If you’re not familiar with every track racers favourite workout to dread, standing starts are sort of what they sound like. You begin from a standstill (or moving very, very slowly if you can’t trackstand), and then SMASH a sprint as solidly and as powerfully as you can. Most of the time your coach (or yourself, if you’re that kind of masochistic-type) will give you a specified distance to sprint (50, 100, 200 or 400+ meters) and tell you to do it over and over again.

To say these efforts are, well, the worst, would be an understatement. You’re basically causing as much neuromuscular pain as you can to yourself on a bike in the shortest amount of time. Starts make you sore, tight, lactic, dizzy, honestly just pick some more adjectives that are synonymous with ‘hurt’ and ‘pain’. It was during these efforts that I started using and discovered the values of MAGNESIUM LIQUID.

Magnesium is crucial to a TON of processes in the human body it’s a mineral common throughout the human body, in our bones, blood, brain and muscle. In our muscles Magnesium acts opposite to Calcium, where when Calcium binds to muscle, the cells contract, when Magnesium binds to those competing spots, the muscle relaxes. If there isn’t enough Magnesium present, muscle cramping is the likely result (from too much contraction).

Usually standing starts are done in a range of 4-6 reps. It might not seem like a whole lot of work when compared to longer intervals on the road, or even the kind of long rides most cyclists used as a gateway to the sport and training. But it’s similar to deadlifts or squats in the gym at max weight, it’s very taxing in a short amount of time. Usually by the time I’ve hit rep 4 it’s extremely difficult for me to pick myself off the floor for the next effort, my quads, calves and glutes will be so locked up I can’t imagine that I need to get through to the last rep.

When I first tried MAGNESIUM LIQUID I took it half an hour before my first reps of the workout. Warming up on the rollers to get the blood moving combined with it’s liquid form for quick absorption meant I quickly felt more limber and fluidity in my legs. I typically do these workouts early mornings so that I have less competition for track time and I’ll often have a little morning stiffness to work out, but as I felt looser than normal for these brutal workouts, that could only be a good thing.

Now despite feeling decidedly looser after my warmup, there isn’t anything that actually makes standing starts hurt less. But that’s not where the benefit of Magnesium lies. Magnesium helps muscle tissue relax, muscles over-contracting to the point of being uncontrolled can generate cramps. So after these very intense standing start efforts, where I’m definitely training into the pain threshold, I found myself relaxing faster during my recovery period between efforts.

For me the real value is this recovery. My quads, calves, glutes will still be very sore, as they should be, but with the usual recovery prescribed to these workouts I found myself more ready for the next effort, with less intense tightness in my muscles. So when I’m doing absolute max efforts, MAGNESIUM LIQUID let’s me continue to push as deep as I can through each effort, producing better workouts.

When you’re putting yourself in as much pain as you do with standing starts, the opportunity to make the absolute most of that pain is SO welcome. Outside of intense workouts cramps will often appear on long hot rides or races as you use up (sweat out) and deplete your mineral resources. Sodium and Potassium are mainstays in sports drinks and while you’ll find BORN has Magnesium included in WATTS AND MINERALS electrolyte drink tablets, so many sports drinks skip on magnesium, a mineral that’s literally in every cell in the human body. I started using MAGNESIUM LIQUID during races outside in particularly hot weather, specifically at the Cascades Cycling Classic in Bend Oregon on one especially hot July day. On long climbs on hot days anything to help me from blocking up is more than welcome.

So it’s pretty cool that elemental Magnesium will ignite into a bright, white-hot searing flame, it’s even cooler that it can be used to fight the bright, white-hot searing pain of muscle cramps in cycling and sports ranging from endurance to dead-lifts in the gym.

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