SplitMango Racing - 2019 Track Season Part 1

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SplitMango Racing is a team just like yours. Even if you don’t have a team, they’re a team just like the one you want to be on. SplitMango Racing is people who have been racing for two years and those who’ve been racing for 35. SplitMango rides bikes in many formats from Gran Fondos, weekly Crit Series, Road Races to your local Stage Race. Variety is part of the spice that brings life to the crew of SMR, the team’s age bracket spanning 21-50 years. If there’s one unifying aspect to SplitMango racing it’s fitting that it’s actually riding in circles. By circles, we mean ovals, the oval track of the velodrome. 

SplitMango Racing is the project of David Miller, proprietor of SplitMango, a boutique Web Development and Design agency based in North Vancouver, British Columbia. To say David has become, cycling obsessed is maybe a cliche, but also an understatement. It’s easy to see why, when David started cycling it was a life changing event, he lost 91 pounds of weight very positively affecting his overall health and happiness. When David discovered the Burnaby Velodrome Club, he drove himself further into cycling at the track that rests on a cliff face overlooking the narrows that form Burrard Bay.

David, being fairly new to cycling found racing through the Velodrome Club. It wasn’t a long transition for him to start racing on the road as well. Within a year of racing competitively, he made the journey to Canada’s National Championships as a Master’s athlete on the track. The boards are where David’s cycling heart decided to truely commit, his track bike is his most embellished bike, within two years he’s rode velodromes in at least three countries and two continents, he’s already run (and won) for a position on the board of the Burnaby Velodrome Club, it’s no surprise that SplitMango Racing’s centering aspect is the track. 

On the boards of BVC is where David connnected with the rest of the SMR team: Hans Loeffelholz, Guy McLintock, Paul Collett, John Mayr, Damian Dollisson and Domenik Adamoski. And while all the comrades that make up SMR share the velodrome as a common meeting place, there’s a key group that are targeting National Championships at the end of September this year, they started their Nationals stories in Redmond Washington, just outside Seattle at the Jerry Baker Memorial Velodrome

The team went South to the JBV for the Vision Grand Prix. A local event with a world class feel, the Grand Prix draws racers from across the globe, this year no different with a whole gang flying in from Australia for quality racing and hangouts with a community that comes together under the lights of Marymoore Park. 

The SMR guys were using the event both as a gauge of fitness and fuel for the fire for Nationals. Hans Loeffelholz, sometimes endearingly referred to as ‘Wafflehaus’ is an athlete and coach, he’s helping David to achieve his goals at Nationals while planning on attending and competing himself. Hans has a long history with bike racing, he’s probably been on more Velodromes in Canada alone that are now defunct or biodomes than roadies in Vancouver have been on in their life. Hailing originally from Ontario, having raced since he was a teenager he’s no stranger to road racing either. Hans’ tempering of his own goals and David’s is going to be a balancing act as they head towards the Fall. 

Hans and David’s trip to JBMV was everything they set out for. Setting out for a good time and shaking out the legs is really good for that. Shakes outs were supplied in droves, David, though he’ll be competing in Masters at Nationals, rode in an Elite level 10-Mile Scratch race so fast, it reset the track’s record time for the 10-mile. Hans was in the mix racing Portland Sprinters seasoned in the Keirin who were racing both Masters and Elite races, just for the extra training, the talent was deep. 

Good times at JBMV is pretty much de-rigueur, on their regular season Friday night racing they feature food trucks, beer gardens, local fans, families and friends to fill the stands and consume the beers. That’s only half the equation though. The extra organization of the Grand Prix is spectacular, with a total prize purse of $15,000 in cash, plus merchandise prizes from stellar sponsors (the namesake Vision Tech USA and Stanley) the real show of the events class, is that it’s a local-ish track race that runs, on time. They have it so together they even have a live feed offered free on their YouTube channel, something the UCI recently started to get backwards with their track races.

We’re certain that SMR has hit their targets: gauging fitness and certainly fuelling the fire. We have it on pretty good authority that David was on his trainer just Monday evening, barely a full day out from the weekend’s racing. SMR’s next stop on their journey to Nationals is another outdoor track, this time on the North side of the border in Victoria BC. The Westshore Velodrome, constructed originally for the 1994 Commonwealth Games is a 333m track that will determine this years Provincial Champions for BC. With Titles on the line, the SMR team will be looking to do more than just shake out their legs and we’re planning checking in with them during their races to see where they’re at heading to Nationals.

SplitMango is a team just like yours. It’s a group of friends founded under the dome of cycling. If you don’t have a team, you should start one just like theirs, then find the local(ish) scene that gets you involved, working together, finding your goals together.

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