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In part one of our short series on SplitMango Racing's track season, we got to know a little about the team, why David was so excited on racing and why he started his team of like minded cyclists, who all happened to ride the track.

Since we wrote that last post, David has found out that a recent rule change from Cycling Canada means that Track Cycling National Championships he can't compete in the same Master's category he did last year. David will be rising to the challenge and entering the Elite field at Nationals, no small feat in just his third season of racing. 

We had the chance to catch up with David after his British Columbia Provincial Track Cycling Championships where he was testing out his Elite legs against the best BC has to offer. Read on to see how he's feeling about Nationals, the team and his goals as he heads towards Milton at the end of September.

BORN: We last checked in with you during the Vision Grand Prix at the Marymoore Velodrome. You just finished Provincial Championships in Victoria BC, but we’re going to backtrack to a week before that at Fred’s Race at Marymoor as well, we understand you won your first Elite level race that weekend, can you tell us a little about that?

David: It seems that my training is starting to pay off! Fred’s Race weekend was such a great event and winning the Scratch Race was the start of the whole weekend for me. Don’t get me wrong, it was a hard race, and just reading the race right at the end, pushing through to come across the line first, wow what a feeling!

Hans Loeffelholz winning the 2019 Provincial Masters Keirin Championship

BORN: It must be good for your confidence heading to Nationals as an Elite Rider now knowing that you’re capable of winning on that level, does it raise the excitement for heading to Milton?

David: Absolutely. Kind of funny, my coach told me to look back at that race when I started questioning if I had made the right decision to take on Elite.

BORN: So onto Victoria and Provincial Championships, this was your first Championships as an elite rider, what are your first impressions riding in the BC Elite field?

David: Pretty good, given I have raced most of these racers before, I kind of knew what to expect. Except the wind wasn’t so pleasant for me, we are so lucky to have an indoor track in Burnaby!

BORN: The SplitMango Racing team was out in full force! We know that Hans alone took 3 individual Master’s Titles (the Keirin, Omnium and Match Sprint), was part of a winning Team Sprint (of all SMR master’s athletes) and came in with a Silver in the 500m TT. Guy stormed into his (first?!) Elite Provincial Championships by snatching the Elite Match Sprint Title, John with an Omnium win and Damian with another win in the Kilo TT! A pretty good haul for the team, how do you feel about the team’s success this weekend?

David: So proud! Throwing together a team of like minded people who all love track, never expected this to happen so quickly. Way to go guys! 

BORN: Beyond the successes on the track, what was the best off-track, out of racing moment for you this weekend?

David: I would have to say the team-work at the WTNC. Our coach races the same category and he was coaching from the field! Even towards non-SplitMango Racing athletes. Which is what makes this even more special to me. It's all about sharing the knowledge to make great racing all around.

The SMR Squad warms up on the rollers.
BORN: We know you just set up some new aero-bars for your pursuit rig, and that you rode a Kilo (for those who don’t know track events that well, the Kilo is a 1km TT) and an IP (the Individual Pursuit is a ‘longer’ TT at 4km for the Elites) how do you feel about the new setup? And about setting a benchmark for the 4km IP? (this would be David’s first 4km IP as an Elite, Masters racers usually ride 3km)

David: I’m ready for the challenge. I know I need to work over the next few weeks on the “feeling” so I can go as hard as I can, paced, to not blow up before 4km is over. 

BORN: So now that you’ve set a benchmark, do you have a goal time for Milton and Nationals? It’s hard to compare an outdoor 333m track to the indoor 250m of Milton, but if you had to take a crack at a goal time, where would you be?

David: I am still so new to this, but I’m going to say I’ll be happy if I can get a sub 5 minute IP although I won’t be disappointed at my results. I will be much happier if I finish the IP with nothing left in me, to even get off my bike! 

Jon Flying during his Flying lap.

BORN: We know that Hans has been coaching you for the last few months, with National Championships in mind, how is it having your coach as a teammate for encouragement and guidance at your target events this track season?

David: So fortunate! I have been able to get in-field training coaching tips, even during races and that helps, especially when you have a team to work with. Try find one of us not smiling at the end of a race!

BORN: What are you next/final steps in preparation before you head to Ontario for Nationals?

David: Trainer and Track - not much more to think about :)

Well good luck and we’ll check in for updates in October!

Magic hour light Keirin

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