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Trying new things is really easy. We’d bet there’s a lot of cyclists and athletes out there who are so excited about their next race, event or adventure who discovered their sport, precisely by trying something new! We also understand that trying new things can be pretty hard for athletes. Investing those long hours training, planning and investing for your Gran Fondo, Ironman or State Championships means you want to know how you’ll perform on game day.

We put together this Starter Pack with athletes like you in mind. It’s a sampling of our core items so you can try our products in training before your event. We recommend this for all Sports Nutrition products, making sure you’re not in for any unexpected surprises.

We’re so excited for you to try our Sports Nutrition and Skincare we’re offering free shipping for our starter pack!

In assembling the Starter Pack we wanted to make sure there’s enough variety to be a true sampling, but we also wanted to ensure for those who’ve tried our easy to stomach Liquid Gels could order a package that contains enough Nutrition for almost any event!

The core of the package is 12 SUPER LIQUID GELS, 4 each of our three great flavours, including our Cherry-Caffeine for an extra kick. We’ve also included our stand-out FINAL gel, also liquid and easy to take, with added Magnesium and Caffeine made to help drive you to the finish line.

Extra support comes in the form of MAGNESIUM LIQUID, to help fight off cramping during intense efforts. As well our CAFFEINE LIQUID for a straight shot wake up or to revitalize your senses mid-race.

You can choose between our always reliable NO FRICTION CREAM softening chamois cream and RECOVERY RELAX, made to soothe muscles and stimulate recovery post exercise.

And yes, you need to hydrate! Essential Minerals and Electrolytes packed into a convenient tablet form, WATTS AND MINERALS ensures proper hydration replacement during exercise. Also included is ISO PRO Red Fruit flavour. ISO PRO also has basic electrolytes, but with our 2:1 carbohydrate ratio, delivering the calories and energy you need to stay on top of during longer events!

So go ahead, try out BORN with Free Shipping included.

***Free Shipping is available ONLY for this special package. Normal shipping rates will apply if combined with other products.***

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